Request for comp - No video

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Request for comp - No video

Post by Harleus on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:46 am

Good old shadowplay failed to record, apparently its no longer shadowplay but geforce experience overlay or some such nonsense and my previous key binds no longer function. Anyway I have no video proof, however:

Player name: Harleus
Time of Incident: 9:28 PST ~ 12:28 EST PM Friday
Proof: N/A
Vehicle/Items lost: Brand new civilian chopper I just received after completing heli steal mission. (Flew and picked up a nearby gear crate so I could use its storage capacity for looting the mission AI)
Value of items lost: No idea, new to the server and unfamiliar with prices. Whatever a civilian chopper is and shiny gear crate slightly full of the dead mission AI's loot.

*When you are landing with a chopper and going to leave soon after landing (especially with zombies!) it is (normally) a good idea to eject so the rotor is still spinning and ready to take off quickly. This is the first time the chopper decided to take off and fly away all by its lonesome (a good 20-30 seconds after ejecting as I was trying to fill the crate with body loots). At first I thought an admin finally made an appearance and was messing with me in good humor. Alas, it was simply a bug/glitch as no one else was on the server lol.

I understand if no compensation will be given, hard to judge these kind of things (Many years of admin experience on an Altis Life and Exile server) without actual proof.


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