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Server difficulty changes

Post by dronevandalism on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:46 pm

I'd like to see a few difficulty changes for the server.

I am not entirely sure if the overall difficulty setting for the server would need to be changed or if it's easier to just change these specific things, but I know they can be done.

#1: Removing the player markers from the map.  This one is hard to exactly pinpoint where/why it shows both friendly AND enemy units in visual range on the minimap as it could be a general difficulty setting OR a custom setting somewhere.  
    It's possible the commands are friendlyTags and enemyTags  (Though see point 2)(This point is also interesting actually because even as the "recruit" difficulty setting the enemyTags are set to "hide" So I really don't know why they are displayed on the server.  

#2:  All PLAYER units in the game currently are "Friendly" (friendlyTags) forces.  Triggering a "friendly fire" tag when PVP happens.  Although when killing other players there is a positive reputation gain, which is interesting.  With my limited knowledge I do not know why all player forces are friendly.  Possibly a difficulty setting. This setting I believe is why you can see "exile player" on the map when near them even if they are not in your group.  Which currently I believe is set to either recruit (show) or regular (limited distance) Though the setting says "only works when player aims at a unit"

#3:  All explosive minds deployed are displayed for ALL players to see as small red circles on the map.  Regardless of if you have seen them before or not.  They also show on the players HUD once you get close enough as a Red triangle.  This setting could be "detectedMines"  under the "recruit" difficulty the explosives are displayed.  

The rest of the settings are fine, but the ones listed above really make the game too easy.  And extremely unfair in a PVP sense.  IMO.


Edit: #4 commands setting is "recruit" could this be changed as well, regular and vet difficulties have "hidden" for this setting.


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